Sensor Panel - Unicorn Vomit Dark AIDA64 Stat Monitor (600x1024)

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Custom dark variant of our Unicorn Vomit layout.

Complete skin for use with AIDA64 Extreme. Includes background, .png files for gauges, fonts and component coordinates.

 * Package does not include monitor

All of our layouts are created with a monitor scale factor of 100%. If your main monitor is not scaled to 100% at the time your machine boots, you may experience scaling issues.

Customer Reviews

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Adras J

Very difficult to set it up the instruction on not self-explanatory. I regretted that I actually bought it.

Adrass we’re sorry you had a difficult time setting up your sensorpanel. We’ve attached both resources on our website here that can help with any issues.

In the future, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

josiah henville

I really like this panel. hopefully the site updates with cooler ones

Alain Hoffmann
Completely functional

I would have liked to have more choices at the purchase. I was urged, but I would have loved a ROG-themed one to complement my setup. Anyway, I am grateful because setting this thing up by yourself is a pain in the bumper. Have a great day guys.


Works well. Worth the price for the convience of not having to make one from scratch. Looking forward to new portrait designs.