AIDA64 Sensor Panel Troubleshooting

Scaling Issues


If you've purchased a layout and after importing, it doesn't look exactly like the layout in the product image, what you're experiencing is typically a scaling issue that occurs within the specific resolution of your monitor within the AIDA64 Extreme software.

When AIDA64 boots with your system, it utilizes the native scaling of your main monitor to scale the layout that the program is using. All of our layouts are created with a monitor scale factor of 100%. If your main monitor is not scaled to 100% at the time your machine boots, you may experience scaling issues.

To fix this, set your main monitor to scale at 100% and reboot. This should solve any issues.

We've found several forum posts that address common issues with scaling within the AIDA64 software that you can find below, and there is tech support available with AIDA64 that provides you with more information about possible solutions to the scaling issues that are occurring.

“TRIAL” Sensor Panel Readouts


If you’re seeing a TRIAL readout on any sensors that are in your panel, check to see if your license for AIDA64 has been activated. AIDA64 allows you to use their software for a 30 trial period, but during that time, some sensors may not work until a software license has been activated. You can read more about their policies here “Trial and evaluation versions“

FPS Readout Issues

If you have an active license for AIDA64 and your FPS still isn’t reading, even when in game, check to see that you have Riva Tuner Statistics Server installed and running. 

For the best results, make sure that RTSS is set to run at startup to prevent any reporting errors. See here for RTSS install and this AIDA64 forum post for more information on FPS issues.