AIDA64 Sensor Panel Template Installation Guide


Install the fonts

Please make sure to install any fonts if you want to match the style of this design.

  1. Download and install AIDA64 if you haven’t already
  2. Unzip the product files you’ve downloaded onto your computer
  3. Open/Run AIDA64
  4. File>Preferences>SensorPanel
  5. Make sure the “Show SensorPanel” option is selected

NOTE: If you can’t see your sensor panel, select “Reset Position” and it will reset the SensorPanel to the center of your preferences window

  1. Confirm the SensorPanel matches the size of the layout you’ve downloaded
  2. Select “Apply” and confirm with “OK”
  3. RIght click on your SensorPanel and select “SensorPanel Manager”
  4. Delete any items currently in your table, select “Import” and choose the .sensorpanel file in your product files
  5. If any items import incorrectly, use the ASSET COORDINATES file and the COORDINATES LEGEND to realign any missing assets. Make sure that all your asset XY coordinates match the coordinates set in the COORDINATES LEGEND.
  6. Be sure to configure any storage or network sensors to accurately reflect your machine's correct drive capacity and NIC locations.