Sensor Panel - CAM AIDA64 Stat Monitor Skin (800x480)

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Complete skin for use with AIDA64 Extreme. Includes background, .png files for gauges, fonts and component coordinates.

 * Package does not include monitor

All of our layouts are created with a monitor scale factor of 100%. If your main monitor is not scaled to 100% at the time your machine boots, you may experience scaling issues.

Customer Reviews

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Todd Hoobin

Sensor Panel - CAM AIDA64 Stat Monitor Skin (800x480)


It’s really good

khalid baouchi
Some information missing

I send an email with a pictures about my issue still no answer!!

Kosta Giuretis
Almost happy...

I have the 5" unit because I couldn't find a 7" which I would have preferred. It works well, and having checked the numbers with Aida64, and NZXT CAM, it is very accurate. The theme I'm using is similar to NZXT CAM, but I wish I could change some of the parameters so that I can monitor all the fan speeds and the water pump in lieu of "power" and "System".

Julien Favarel

Faire payer alors que j'ai déja le thème pour un rajout ? En plus le thème comporte des defaults innaceptable pour des pro, ha oui mon thème je l'ai refais avec Photoshop et en plus avec vos jauges et je vais tout publier, comme sa c'est gratuit.

Unfortunately we don’t have any French translators on staff to accurately understand your review.